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The Best Tree Care in Plano

Texas Tree Surgeons is proud to have been caring for Plano’s trees for the past 20 years! Our tree service offers not only trimming and removal but also plant health care and preservation to help keep your Plano trees healthy.

Texas Tree Surgeons is owned by Board Certified Master Arborist® Amy Langbein Heath. We hire only the most experienced climbers to trim trees, and all our employees train under a Certified Arborist. This attention to detail and emphasis on education has made Texas Tree Surgeons one of the best tree care services in Plano and the surrounding areas. 

As a North Texas natives, we have seen Plano develop over the past 40 years. Growing up, Plano was mostly farms, ranch land, and flat prairies. Now, Plano has 1.6 million trees and 16% of the town is covered in tree canopy. Plano is celebrating its 30th year as a designated Tree City USA. Plano was also host to the 2019 Texas Arbor Day festivities. The city of Plano cares about its urban forest, and we are proud to help take care of it.

In addition to beautiful private trees, Plano is full of gorgeous green spaces and public parks. Parks like Oak Point Preserve not only contribute to natural beauty, but have a positive effect on physical and mental health and property values. According to the city, Plano’s parks “[increase] the market value of nearby homes by nearly $337 million annually[,…s]ports and tournament-related tourism generates $39.2 annually[, and…]exercise [at these facilities] yields an annual medical cost savings of $21.2 million.” Unlike so many communities, Plano recognizes the holistic value of its urban forest, and wants to preserve its trees for generations to come.

Plano has grown into a city known for its trees and green spaces. For example, the Bicentennial Bur Oak in Bob Woodruff Park in Plano is on the Texas Registry of Historic Trees and is estimated to be over 500 years old. Oak Point Preserve covers over 800 acres along Rowlett Creek and is a haven for nature lovers from all over North Texas. In total, Plano has more than 70 miles of managed trails lined with natural beauty and majestic trees.

Plano has also striven to diversify its urban forest. Bur oaks, like the Bicentennial Bur Oak, are just one of the Texas native tree species that thrive in Plano. We also find American elms, cedar elms, live oaks, and dozens more. Species diversity helps Plano’s trees resist disease and insects.

At Texas Tree Surgeons, we love trees and we love our customers. We recognize that the different species that have been planted over the past 40 years have different needs: hardwood and long-lived trees may be thriving or even outgrowing the area where they were planted and require trimming or removal; softwoods, such as Bradford pears, may be nearing the end of their lifespan in urban environments and in need of plant health care. Areas with dense populations of live or red oaks may be susceptible to oak wilt. Ash trees in Plano are threatened by the growing threat of the emerald ash borer beetle. Whatever kinds of trees you have, our certified arborists can assess your trees’ needs and prepare a course of action.

With the devastation of the 2019 storms, now is the best time to plant a new tree. If you are looking to plant a tree in Plano, the city has published a wealth of information on their website. We are able to assist you in every aspect of Plano tree care, as we have knowledge of the best trees that grow in this area. If you have trees that need to be taken down, we can do that too, and can handle everything in between. When it comes to tree services in Plano, Texas Tree Surgeons are the experts. Trust us to help you maintain healthy and beautiful trees.

The Best Tree Service in Plano, TX


Plano Tree Removal

Sometimes when trees are not maintained, they start to die. You may have moved into a new home and “inherited” some problematic trees. Or your existing trees may be growing too close to your roof or foundation. If you need a tree removed, trust the tree removal experts in Plano to do it. Our expert staff know the best and safest ways to remove your existing trees.


Plano Tree Trimming

If you have trees on your property, they must be properly maintained. Our Certified Arborists train every member of our crew. You can be assured that any member of our team who works on your trees knows exactly the best way to trim your tree for proper growth. Proper trimming techniques allow the tree and surrounding plants to grow strongly. Overwhelmingly, when looking for tree trimming, Plano has chosen Texas Tree Surgeons.


Plano Stump Grinding

When a tree is removed, you will still have to deal with the existing stump. A stump can be left to degrade on its own, but this could take years or even decades. Grinding is the best way to remove a stump. It also guarantees an energetic tree will not try to grow back. Grinding removes the stump up to six inches below current grade. The area removed can be backfilled with the wood chips that are created. Alternately, you can choose to use the wood chips created around the garden.


Plano Arborist Services

As Texas Tree Surgeons only trains our staff with Certified Arborists, we have knowledge of best practices for tree maintenance. We are also able to diagnose many problems your trees may have. If you’re looking for growing or maintenance tips, our Certified Arborists can help with that as well. We are also able to help you maintain existing trees that may have been damaged by recent construction or forces of nature.

Why Choose Texas Tree Surgeons?

At Texas Tree Surgeons, we pride ourselves on offering full-service tree care, including tree trimming, tree removal, tree maintenance, various arborist services, stump grinding, and more. Not every tree service company in Dallas-Fort Worth can say the same.

It’s because of our wide variety of services that so many of our customers come to know us and call us back when they need their trees serviced.

Texas Tree Surgeons follows guidelines set forth by TCIA and ISA. We only hire skilled climbers, each trained by a Certified Arborist. You can be sure that each member of our crew is skilled in climbing and has the knowledge to trim your trees properly and safely.


From your first service appointment to paying invoices online, our main goal is providing you with the best possible customer service, every step of the way.


We pride ourselves on providing professional, efficient, timely, and thorough service at all times.


We love our customers and we love trees, which is why we work hard to provide the best possible service at an affordable rate.

Insured and Bonded

Texas Tree Surgeons is a completely insured and bonded business, so you have nothing to worry about.

Happy Customers

We truly value our customers and take great pride in providing the best possible service to everyone we work with. Here's what some of our most recent happy customers had to say about working with Texas Tree Surgeons℠.

Great crew and great results! I called, their arborist was out the next day, then the crew was out the day after that. They worked quickly and cleaned up even better than before they showed up. Very fairly priced and worth every penny. Highly recommend!



Quick response time for quote and completion of job. They will always do what is best for the tree long term. They have worked on 3 homes for me over 6 years and would not trust any other company to work on my trees.




The guys did a fantastic job today! It was amazing to watch them move around in the tops of the tree and they cleaned up everything. Thanks so much! We will definitely be calling you again.



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