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What’s Wrong With My Oak Trees?

As the summer heat drags on, we start to get calls about trees “looking bad.” Recently, for example, we have been seeing general decline of trees, especially oak trees, in the Plano area. In a densely-populated suburban area like Plano, there are many potential causes...

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Free North Texas Trees for 2019!

Just like last year, the City of Dallas is giving homeowners free trees as part of its Branch Out Dallas program! Registration starts September 1st, and continues until September 30th. The trees will be available for pick-up November 2nd. This round, the available...

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After the Storm…

Trees that survived the severe storm damage are going to need special care over the next few years. The loss of canopy will reduce the trees' ability to photosynthesize for food and to take up water. We are entering the hottest part of the year; after the rains have...

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Texas Tree Surgeons: No Problem.

At Texas Tree Surgeons, we love trees, but sometimes we need to remove them. This cottonwood had root rot and posed a danger to persons and property. The owner decided to take it down, and Texas Tree Surgeons was there to help. No problem. If you have a tree that you...

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