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At Texas Tree Surgeons we are experts in tree trimming and the premier arborists in the McKinney area. Owner and Board Certified Master Arborist® Amy Langbein Heath ensures that all employees are experienced and trained by Certified Arborists.

If you’re looking for a McKinney tree service, look no further than Texas Tree Surgeons. We are experts in tree removal and proper tree trimming techniques. No matter the variety or size of tree you have, we can handle it. Our Certified Arborists have experience working with a wide variety of trees and are experts in maintaining older trees, something that is useful in McKinney, as there are many older, mature trees in the area.


Texas Tree Surgeons has its roots in McKinney. Amy’s grandmother lived on College Street until she was 101, and all of her children stayed in the area. Family history and community are key parts of our culture at Texas Tree Surgeons. Amy’s husband, Scooter, left his corporate job and came to work with us as Chief Financial Officer. Our Operations Manager, Jade, has been here for 11 years, and her brother, Buster, joined our family four years ago and is now a Licensed Applicator for our Plant Health Care programs. Our managing arborist, Hannah, has been here for seven years, and her husband, Mark, came on board three years ago. We are excited that we can grow as a family!

Grandma Brownie’s House on College Street!

The City of McKinney values its “beautiful tree-lined streets,” as something that makes the city stand out. McKinney is known for its parks, green spaces, and rolling hills. Families of all shapes and sizes love to explore McKinney to enjoy its natural beauty and learn about the trees in the area. Visiting the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary is always a fun way to get outside and walk among stunning trees. Erwin Park is a great place for hiking and biking in nature. At Texas Tree Surgeons, we want to do our part to maintain the beautiful trees of McKinney.

We know that planting trees on your property is a large expense – it costs not only money but time and care. That’s why we are so committed to properly treat your trees. You can feel confident that you’re in good hands.

Local McKinney Tree Service

If you’re looking for tree trimming in McKinney, we are the experts, but we offer so much more than just trimming. Here are some of the tree services provide.


McKinney Tree Removal

While our trees offer beautiful sights and shady days, sometimes we must say goodbye. Trees that grow too close to a home may cause foundational or roofing issues. Sometimes trees grow old or become diseased. For McKinney tree removal, Texas Tree Surgeons uses only experienced climbers who have been trained by Certified Arborists to take down your trees. We safely lower tree sections to the ground to ensure no damage to any other plants or property, or harm to people.


McKinney Stump Grinding

Once you remove a tree from your property, you’ll be left with an unsightly stump. You can let the stump naturally decompose, but this process will take years if not decades. Stump grinding is a process that allows you to reclaim the used space of the stump almost immediately. We grind the stump into wood chips which can be used in the area or in planters for nutrients. This backfill will also allow you to lay soil and sod the area immediately if you choose to.


McKinney Tree Trimming

Our Certified Arborists are able to diagnose trouble spots with your trees. Some trees become diseased or may be obstructive to your property. Proper trimming of limbs helps allow more sunlight for other surrounding plants, and can also add to the overall aesthetic and curb appeal of your home.


McKinney Arborist Services

Sometimes you can look at a problem and know nothing about solutions, but know you need an expert. If you’re looking at a diseased or problematic tree, don’t just put it off until later, call the experts. Our Certified Arborists have experience diagnosing many different symptoms and can suggest appropriate solutions.

Why Choose Texas Tree Surgeons?

When looking for a tree trimming service in McKinney, you have many options, however, you should choose Texas Tree Surgeons. Owned by Certified Arborist Amy Langbein Heath, we truly care about the health and well-being of your trees. We also only hire experienced climbers, and all our employees are trained in properly maintaining and caring for your trees.

We have many years’ experience taking care of the trees in McKinney, Fairview, and the surrounding areas, and many home and business owners trust us with their arboreal needs.

Customers tell us that they have been impressed by our professionalism. Others say that our polite employees won them over. In the end, it’s your decision. You should go with a tree service that you can trust, and you can always trust Texas Tree Surgeons to get the job done with care.

Texas Tree Surgeons adhere to guidelines set up by both the TCIA and ISA. Our Certified Arborists are happy to assist you with all your tree service needs. Whether big or small, Texas Tree Surgeons takes care of it all.


From your first service appointment to paying invoices online, our main goal is providing you with the best possible customer service, every step of the way.


We pride ourselves on providing professional, efficient, timely, and reliable service at all times.


We love our customers and we love trees, which is why we work hard to provide the best possible service at an affordable rate.

Insured and Bonded

Texas Tree Surgeons is a completely insured and bonded business, so you have nothing to worry about.

Happy Customers

We truly value our customers and take great pride in providing the best possible service to everyone we work with. Here's what some of our most recent happy customers had to say about working with Texas Tree Surgeons.

Great crew and great results! I called, their arborist was out the next day, then the crew was out the day after that. They worked quickly and cleaned up even better than before they showed up. Very fairly priced and worth every penny. Highly recommend!



Quick response time for quote and completion of job. They will always do what is best for the tree long term. They have worked on 3 homes for me over 6 years and would not trust any other company to work on my trees.




The guys did a fantastic job today! It was amazing to watch them move around in the tops of the tree and they cleaned up everything. Thanks so much! We will definitely be calling you again.



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