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Texas Tree Surgeons is proud to provide the best in tree care services for Southlake. We are locally-owned, not part of a national corporation. We grew up here, just like your trees. We love trees and we love our customers. Let us take care of your Southlake trees. You won’t be disappointed.

We are proud to provide a full-service tree care experience. Our staff of ISA Certified Arborists are ready to help with every aspect of tree ownership. Looking for a new tree? We can discuss the perfect trees for your space. Time for a trim? We provide the best tree trimming in Southlake. Have concerns about tree health? We have four certified arborists and two master arborists who can properly diagnose and treat tree health issues. Time for a tree to go? we can take it down to the ground and grind the stump after.

 The City of Southlake is passionate about trees and their preservation. The Southlake Street Tree Program offers discounts on new trees for residents to plant in right-of-way areas. Property owners are able to buy red oaks, live oaks, lacebark elms, and Chinese pistaches. If you are looking for a different species, you may also consider blackjack oaks and post oaks. Both of these trees are native to the Eastern Cross Timbers, the ecoregion containing Southlake.

One note about post oaks: all trees like stability and water, but post oaks are particularly sensitive to environmental stressors, such as ground compaction and weed killer. If you have post oaks, or any other trees, consider an arborist consultation to learn the best care practices.

Ash Borers in Southlake

Recently, while giving a free estimate in Southlake, our Managing Arborist, Hannah, was surprised to see red-headed ash borers on an elm tree. This is rare and exciting moment for an arborist, because the adult insects are only active on the outside of a tree for a short period of time and rarely more than one at a time. Borers live under the bark of trees and affect all different species. They damage the tissues that move water and nutrients from the roots to the canopy. Damage done by borers often goes unnoticed until it is too late for the tree to survive. Signs of borers include small holes, lose bark, thin tree canopy, light-colored leaves and dead limbs in tree tops.

There are many different types of wood borers but the one that often gets the most coverage is the emerald ash borer. Southlake, as part of Tarrant County, is the area that was recently confirmed to have EAB activity. The Texas A&M Forest Service is working on a plan to manage EAB in Texas, including possible quarantines of the affected counties.

Female Red-Headed Ash Borer

Just like Southlake, Texas Tree Surgeons cares about trees. Do the right thing for your trees, get in touch and schedule an arborist consultation or free estimate today!

Southlake Tree Care

Whether your trees are young or old, Texas Tree Surgeons is ready to provide the best in Southlake tree trimming, arborist, services, removals, and more!

Frisco root care

Southlake Arborist Services

Our ISA Certified Arborists are able to assess any tree health issues in Southlake. Texas Tree Surgeons offers comprehensive plant health care programs, air spading, and tree preservation services as well!

man removing tree in frisco

Southlake Tree Removal

If a tree has irreperable storm damage, exptensive health issues, or interferes with the enjoyment of your property, it may be time to consider removal. Texas Tree Surgeons is the premier tree service in Southlake to handle removals, big or small.

stump grinding in frisco

Southlake Stump Grinding

Stumps come in all shapes and sizes. If you want to lay sod or make a flower bed, stump grinding is the best solution. One stump or many, our stump grinder in Southlake can grind them, so you can reclaim valuable landscape area.

tree trimming in frisco

Southlake Tree Trimming

Proper tree trimming can make the difference between a healthy tree and a struggling one. Our crews do the best tree trimming in Southlake. Our arborists can advise you on the right way to trim your tree to get the look you desire. Give us a call for a free trimming estimate!

Why Choose Texas Tree Surgeons?

Texas Tree Surgeons is owned by Board Certified Master Arborist® Amy Langbein Heath. We only hire experienced climbers, and all of our climbers train only under experienced, Certified Arborists.

We take great care and pride in having a crew educated in not only safety procedures but in the proper treatment of trees.

Trees are not only beautiful, they also add value to your home. Trees need to be cared for if they are to reach their full potential. Shouldn’t you trust your arborist is doing everything they can to help?

Texas Tree Surgeons strictly follows the guidelines set forth by TCIA and ISA. Our customers also tell us that they have been impressed by our level of service. Many customers have said their yard looked cleaner after we left than when we arrived.


From your first service appointment to paying invoices online, our main goal is providing you with the best possible customer service, every step of the way.


We pride ourselves on providing professional, efficient, timely, and thorough service at all times.


We love our customers and we love trees, which is why we work hard to provide the best possible service at an affordable rate.

Insured and Bonded

Texas Tree Surgeons is a completely insured and bonded business, so you have nothing to worry about.

Happy Customers

We truly value our customers and take great pride in providing the best possible service to everyone we work with. Here's what some of our most recent happy customers had to say about working with Texas Tree Surgeons℠.

Great crew and great results! I called, their arborist was out the next day, then the crew was out the day after that. They worked quickly and cleaned up even better than before they showed up. Very fairly priced and worth every penny. Highly recommend!



Quick response time for quote and completion of job. They will always do what is best for the tree long term. They have worked on 3 homes for me over 6 years and would not trust any other company to work on my trees.




The guys did a fantastic job today! It was amazing to watch them move around in the tops of the tree and they cleaned up everything. Thanks so much! We will definitely be calling you again.



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