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Texas Tree Surgeons?
Same great people. Different name.

Dallas Tree Surgeons started as a tree cutting company in 1995. Amy Heath (then Amy Langbein) began working as a sales arborist for the company in 2007, and became an ISA Certified Arborist® a few years later. In 2010, Amy bought Dallas Tree Surgeons. When Amy bought the company, there were multiple branding campaigns and websites, and some people knew us as Richardson Tree Surgeons, Plano Tree Surgeons, McKinney Tree Surgeons, Dallas Tree Service, or Southlake Tree Surgeons, to name a few.

As Dallas Tree Surgeons grew, Amy knew we would have to unify the company’s image and name. Moving away from a narrow, city-based naming approach, we went by simply “Tree Surgeons” for a few years, but ultimately did not want to be confused or associated with other similarly-named companies in other cities.

Since our expanding service area includes much of North Texas and is beginning to reach into East Texas, “Texas Tree Surgeons” seemed a perfect fit. Our new name doesn’t limit us to one particular city or metropolitan area, and leaves us plenty of room to grow. We officially began operating as Texas Tree Surgeons in 2018, but did not complete the brand change until 2019. Now we can present a unified online presence, reflecting the fact that we are the same small company that you have used in the past.

As we have expanded our services, we have also expanded our knowledge and expertise. We now employ several ISA Certified Arborists, two Texas Department of Agriculture Licensed Applicators, and are dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of tree health care. In 2018, Amy Langbein Heath became the first woman in Texas to become an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist®, the highest credential offered by the International Society of Arboriculture. 

Texas Tree Surgeons is not only the same company as Dallas Tree Surgeons,
but the same people.

While we are always happy to expand and welcome newcomers, our core leadership stays the same. Jade, our operations manager, started at the same time as Amy, and the two of them have built a thriving tree care family.

Amy Langbein Heath since 2007
Jade since 2007
Andrea since 2014
Scooter since 2016
Mark since 2016
Sarah since 2020
Jennifer since 2021

Crew Foremen

Stump Grinding

Plant Health Care
Buster since 2015
Joy since 2017
Steve since 2020
Nate since 2021

Lindsey since 2009
Hannah since 2011
Andy since 2013
Emily since 2014
Kelly since 2015
Russell since 2016
Will since 2020
Meaggan since 2021
Bud since 2021

How did Amy end up in the tree business?

In 2005, Amy was teaching middle school English in her hometown of Dallas, and decided to take a year off to complete one of her bucket list item: hiking the Appalachian Trail. On the trail, Amy (aka: “Two Step”) met and hiked over 500 miles with a dendrology student named “Universal Solvent” (real name: Sarah Hill Hawkins) who taught her trees, plants, and tree biology as they walked. After completing her Appalachian Trail through-hike, Amy moved back to Dallas, coincidentally right next door to the owner of Dallas Tree Surgeons! She started soon after and the rest is history…

We Love Trees

We are also passionate about giving back and investing in our community. In recent years, Texas Tree Surgeons has planted over 750 trees in National Forests around the area. Also, we’ve had the privilege of volunteering with and planting trees for many non-profits, including ReTREET, Genesis Women’s Shelter, Austin Street Center, Jonathan’s Place, St. James Episcopal School, Regina Caeli Academy, The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center and The Stewpot.


Green Tree Logo

Trees Planted

Why Choose Texas Tree Surgeons?

At Texas Tree Surgeons, we care about our customers and we care about trees, which is exactly why we are in the tree service business! We have a full team of Certified Arborists ready to help, many of whom are also Oak Wilt Certified and TRAQ (tree risk assessment) Qualified.

Our climbers and crew members are all highly skilled with years of experience in the industry, and also strictly adhere to the guidelines set by TCIA and ISA. Your trees are a legacy, and helping you care for them is our mission!


Amazing Customer Service

From your first service appointment to paying invoices online, our main goal is providing you with the best possible customer service, every step of the way.

Quick and Efficient Work

We pride ourselves on providing professional, efficient, timely, and thorough service at all times.

Affordable and Fair Pricing

We love our customers and we love trees, which is why we work hard to provide the best possible service at an affordable rate.

Insured and Bonded

Texas Tree Surgeons is a completely insured and bonded business, so you have nothing to worry about.

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