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Firewood Pickup and Delivery Now Available!

At Texas Tree Surgeons, we love trees and we love our community! That’s why we bring you Burn This Firewood!

In the past 20 years, we have seen tons of wood waste being sent to landfills. With our recent relocation to our new home in Garland, we are able to save much of that wood from being thrown away by recycling it into firewood and mulch!

Local firewood is always best, and we are happy to be able to offer mixed hardwood firewood by the piece or by the cord. We can even deliver it right to your door or patio or deck or wherever! Stock up on locally-sourced wood and be ready to keep your fireplace, grill, or campfire going all season long!

Also, we always have FREE mulch available for pickup! If you are interested in larger quantities, we can even arrange delivery for a fee. Non-profits like school, and community gardens always get free mulch delivery.

Thank you for helping us continue to serve our community and keep our urban forest healthy! Remember, if you are a customer of Texas Tree Surgeons, you always get 10% off of any firewood order.

And Don’t Forget…

Fall and winter are the best times to trim trees! When trees are dormant during the cooler months, they are more resistant to the stress of trimming, and there are fewer active insects and other pests that can prey on trees. Trimming your trees in the fall prepares them for storms and inclement weather by removing broken or dead branches, reducing weight, and thinning the canopy to lessen the risk of falling debris.

Contact us today to set up a visit from your arborist!