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Another installment in our series of posts where Texas Tree Surgeons answers your tree questions. Are you having problems with your trees and want to know what’s wrong? Let us know!

Why is it that my peach trees get loaded with peaches every year, but the peaches only get so big (about the size of a golf ball) and stay that way till they fall off? Can I do anything to help them grow better?

Growing fruit trees in North Texas can be a tricky undertaking. While we don’t have the well-suited conditions of other regions, there are some steps that fruit tree owners can take to help their trees produce the best fruit.

For fruit production, pruning is key

If you have a stone fruit (peach, plum, etc.) tree that is already established and producing fruit, proper pruning can be a big help in managing fruit production.

  • Fruit trees naturally produce more fruit than can be sustained, and need a helping hand.
  • One way to help fruit mature fully is to remove a portion of the fruits after they begin to grow.
    • For best results, remove the fruit by hand about four weeks after blooming.
    • Leave only one fruit every six to eight inches along a branch.
  • As the fruit matures, it is important to manage pests and diseases that can prevent proper growth.
    • Remove any dead or diseased wood or fruit as soon as it appears.
    • Consider fertilizer or pesticide application, and consult a certified arborist for good product recommendations.

Planning ahead for best fruit

Of course, some types of fruit trees are better-suited to our North Texas climate and soil.

  • If you are looking to plant a peach tree, or another type of stone fruit, consult this guide from the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension program.
  • Once you have picked a tree, be sure to plant during the winter dormant season and to prepare the planting site properly.

At Texas Tree Surgeons, we love trees and we love our customers! There may not be many fruit trees in North Texas, but we love helping our community take care of what we have. We are always happy to offer suggestions and guidance in the tree selection and planting process. We offer comprehensive plant health care programs to help control diseases and pests, including organic options. If you have any questions about your fruit trees or any other trees, let us know!