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At Texas Tree Surgeons, we love trees, and we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but if your tree has not recovered from the recent freeze, action needs to be taken soon. After the freeze in February 2021, many North Texas plants and trees were frost-damaged and unrecoverable. At the time, we recommended waiting until the summer to make a decision on removal, to give the damaged trees a chance to recover.

By this point in the year, if your trees have not leafed out, or leafed out and have since turned brown, and if your palms and other plants show no new green growth, it is time to re-evaluate them for removal. Time is of the essence when removing trees, as they can become more dangerous, difficult, and expensive to remove the longer they are left standing. Also, the chance of limb breakage and major structural failure greatly increases as dead trees are left in the ground, leading to a higher risk of injury to person or damage to property. As the spring rains give way to the summer heat, dead trees will start to dry out, reducing structural stability.

If on the other hand, your trees have at least 50% of their canopies, they may still recover. It is important to start soil amendments and proper watering to give these stressed trees a better chance of making it through the summer heat. NOTE: standard (high-nitrogen) fertilizer, such as lawn fertilizer, over-the-counter products, or weed and feed products are NOT recommended for freeze-stressed trees. Stressed trees need particular soil amendments and nutrients. Contact us today to find out what your trees need!

Trees with at least half of the canopy remaining should be treated with soil amendments and proper watering.

What To Do

Why Were Some Trees Hit Harder Than Others?

  • Underlying issues and stressors
  • Age
  • Tree location with respect to the storm front
    • Shelter from buildings or other trees

At Texas Tree Surgeons, we love trees, and while we hate to have to remove them, we are committed to sustainability and recycle our wood waste through our sister company Burn This Firewood. We also offset our tree removals by partnering with local and international organizations dedicated to replanting and reforestation.