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When we remove a tree, the owners often ask us if they can do something with the wood, other than using it as firewood. In the past, we haven’t been able to give many options, other than leaving a few inches of stump for a plant stand or stool. However, we recently found out about Urban Timber Harvest, a sawmill in Colleyville, Texas that can use tree trunks to make something beautiful. Brent Schwanbeck, one of the owners of Urban Timber Harvest, was kind enough to answer a few questions about who he is and what his sawmill does.


How and Why Did You Begin Urban Timber Harvest?

Chad Ham, co-owner of Urban Timber Harvest, and I founded Urban Timber Harvest [because we] felt like we saw a need. We are woodworkers who have a great respect for the trees in our community. There is so much history and beauty in the trees around us, but when they die, they are typically hauled off to the dump or the firewood pile. We saw an opportunity to preserve the unique beauty of the trees around us. By crafting furniture out of our trees, we are able to create unique furniture with a story. 

What Kind of Wood Do You Harvest and Use?

We typically harvest most hardwoods that grow in the area. While we enjoy milling unique and less common trees, most frequently we harvest white oak, red oak, pecan, and walnut. That is certainly not an all inclusive list, so when in doubt, reach out! Our minimum log dimensions are 2’ diameter and 6’ in length. [Visit their website for more detailed requirements.]

Do You Pay People for Wood?

Nearly all of the trees that we mill would have otherwise been hauled off as waste. All of the logs that we mill are sustainably sourced and were not farmed for a profit. It is for these reasons that we do not pay for trees we harvest. We are always happy to work with our clients on pricing for a custom piece of furniture built out of their own harvested tree.

Do You Sell Milled Wood or Just Completed Furniture?

With sustainability at the center of our business, our primary mission is to make the best use of our downed urban trees. With that mission in mind, we sell processed wood, as well as create custom furniture.

What Types of Things Do You Make from Tree Trunks?

Urban Timber Harvest is a fully integrated urban lumber company, meaning that by controlling the entire process (harvest + mill + design + build) we are able to create truly unique pieces. We enjoy letting each unique tree guide us in the creative design process. With our woodworking background, we can create custom pieces with classic joinery that last the test of time. We desire to create furniture that can be passed from generation to generation. Check out some of their work!

Will You Use My Tree to Make Me a Piece of Furniture?

We become attached to our trees. We enjoy their shade, we play in their limbs, and we grow old with them. We always enjoy the opportunity to create furniture for a client when the tree came out of their own yard. Using a “Tree to Table” process, we are able to create furniture with a unique story that can be shared with family and friends. 

How Do You Get the Pieces You Need?

When Texas Tree Surgeons removes your tree, the canopy is removed, and the log is felled. Once that is complete we will arrive and pick up your log.

Do You Take the Stump or Does It Still Need to Be Ground?    

We do not mill stumps or remove waste from your tree. Texas Tree Surgeons is happy to help with that part!

At Texas Tree Surgeons, we love trees and we love our customers, and we are happy to find members of the community who are finding new ways to show the beauty of our urban forest. Whether you are looking to have something made, or just want to give you tree a second life after it is removed, get in touch with Brent. As always, if you have any questions about your trees or their health, or think you might need to have one removed, let us know!